A special 20th anniversary edition of the Soundgarden album Superunknown will release on June 4.

In a video released by Soundgarden, Dave Grohl recalls the first time he heard music from the album.  It was the final Nirvana recording session.  Producer/engineer Adam Kasper shared the unreleased Soundgarden material with Nirvana.  In the video Grohl says:

"He played 'Black Hole Sun' and I remember thinking, 'Holy shit, this is gonna be huge...Because to me it was that perfect meeting of the Beatles and Black Sabbath, which is what I think we put in our Nirvana bio. But I don't think that had ever successfully been paired until that record, and in particular that song. It was so much more melodically sophisticated than anything any of the other bands in Seattle were doing. It was a big deal."

Watch the video.