The Foo Fighters are recording their eighth studio album. 

The band's Twitter and Facebook pages shared a photo of reels that were labels, "Foo Fighters LP 8."

This album follows 2011's Wasting Light.  That record was recorded in Dave Grohl's garage on analog equipment without any digital elements.  That process was documented in the band's film, Back and Forth.

In 2012, the Foo Fighters announced that they were going on a hiatus.  But, they spent much of the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 promoting Grohl's documentary, Sound City.  The members of the band served as a backing group called the "Sound City Players" at various concerts promoting the film.

In August of 2013, Dave Grohl said the new album was written.  In December, the Foo Fighters returned to the stage with a concert in Mexico.