Kid Rock says he has never owned the glass sex toy that he was asked to submit to officials as a part of the Insane Clown Posse sexual harassment case.

He released a statement explaining his opinion on the case.  The statement includes the two letters he sent to the attorneys involved.

Kid Rock writes:

"I'm told that you have issued a subpoena for a “glass dildo” that was supposedly given to me. No idea what you're talking about, and I definitely don't have it. I've never heard of, seen, or met any people involved in this case. But I'm pretty sure you already know that. What I do know is that you've been dragging my name around in the media to gain attention for your sad ass excuse for a law firm. I don’t care what you do when you finally catch up to the ambulances you chase, but I do care when you bring my name into it for no reason at all."

Read the full statement here.