Nirvana front-man committed suicide almost 20 years ago.  On Thursday, reports surfaced that the case was reopened by police.

That's not really true.

According to the Seattle Times, a cold-case detective did take another look at the investigation.  But, he did not find anything new.  The case was not reopened.  Spokeswoman Renee Witt explains that the detective, "dug up the files and had another look, and there was nothing new."

The detective found undeveloped film that included photos of the scene.  But, the pictures were "underwhelming."

Kurt Cobain committed suicide on April 5, 1994.  He was found three days later.  Cobain was 27.  Apparently, the reason for revisiting the case is the upcoming 20th anniversary.  There will be a lot of media attention surrounding the anniversary of his death.

Over the years, conspiracy theories have surfaced.  Many still believe that Cobain did not kill himself.