Noel Gallagher, the guitarist and chief songwriter for Oasis, is a salty guy.  For some reason, he was enlisted to provide commentary for all of the music videos that Oasis released in the UK.

The commentary is included on 2010's Time Flies compilation album.

Below, you see a clip of some of Noel's best lines.  He hates music videos.  He might hate them more than he hates his brother, Liam.

Some of his best lines (NSFW)...

"I fucking hate videos. I hate everything about them...I don't like the fact that the people that are making them think they're making fucking Apocalypse Now."

“Look how pissed I am there. That’s me really pissed. Liam was furious that day because it was the one time I was more drunk than he was.”

"Is that how easy this is?  You just suggest nonsense and people go along with it?"

"That's not a real record and that's not a real clown."

"If you need four guys to walk around in slow motion...we were the best at that."