The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney says the duo is ready to start work on a new album.

The band just released their most recent record, Turn Blue, in May.  But, Carney tells Billboard:

"I think if it were up to Dan and I, and we didn't have to consider the fact that we need to complete the full tour circuit, we'd probably be back in the studio in January.  I think by the time this record came out we were ready to make another one. We started the band because we wanted to make albums."

Turn Blue is the band's first No. 1 album and it followed 2011's El Camino. In the band's twelve year history, the duo of Carney and Dan Auerbach have released 8 full-length albums and 2 EPs.

The Black Keys will start their Turn Blue tour on September 5.  They have dates scheduled through the end of December.  So, if they want to return to the studio in January, they are free.