HBO put Foo Fighters front-man Dave Grohl in a room full of TV critics.

Grohl is promoting the upcoming HBO series, Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways.  Each episode of the show will revolve around the Foo Fighters' recording process in eight different cities.

Why are they doing this?

Grohl explains:

"We could just go make another record in the studio, hit the road and sell a bunch of T-shirts...It's all about reinventing the process."

The show will debut in October.  The new album will release in November.  The album was recorded in eight different cities (Austin, Chicago, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Seattle, and Washington D.C.).  In each city, a local legend sits in with the band.

The upcoming Foo Fighters album will be the Foo Fighters' eighth studio album.  It follows 2011's Grammy winning Wasting Light, which was recorded in Grohl's garage.