The Eeries talked to DC101's Mike Jones earlier this week.  The band has been getting a lot of attention thanks to their song, Cool Kid.  You can hear an acoustic performance of the song in the above video.

Front-man Isaiah Silva told a personal story about his childhood.  He was in a cult called "The Assembly."  It was led by a man named George Geftakys.  

Prior to the formation of The Eeries, Silva was in a band called The Rambles.  He wrote a song that he believed did not fit with The Rambles.  After he left that group, he shared that song with a small group of people, including the musicians who became The Eeries. 

Jones also asked about what the members of the band did prior to becoming full-time musicians.  This is an eclectic bunch.

Silva is also the beau of Frances Bean Cobain (the daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love).  Frances Bean turns 22 next week and Silva discussed their plans for the celebration.

As a warm up, the band played another one of their songs, Loser.  But, it turned out pretty good, so we included it.