Woman Walks In On Her Boyfriend of 5 YEARS in Bed With His Ex And...

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Woman Walks in on Boyfriend of 5 YEARS in Bed with his Ex And... 

Tonight on The Rendezvous, we're going to talk about a crazy story that Angi found on Reddit. Basically, a woman walked in on her boyfriend of 5 years in their bed, asleep next to his ex.

What did she next was the unbelievable part...  She didn't freak out, or scream, or throw things.... Instead she calmly walked out the bedroom door, left the key to their place, and LEFT! Just completely ghosted on him and never talked to him again! After 5 years together! Read the whole crazy story here


How do you think she handled it? And what would you do if you walked in on your partner in bed with their ex? Tell us in the comments below.