UBER + LYFT: You are spending a TON on ride-sharing!

posted by American Radio Presenter Toby Knapp | @tkradio -

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Now, since I just spent the last three months being carted from place to place in LYFT and UBER rides, this story kinda spoke to me... And when you think of it, it might cost less per month to take ride-sharing cars from place to place than it would to actually own a car! 

Check this story out... 

Getting a ride home is as easy as opening an app on your phone, but over time those rides from services like Uber and Lyft can really cost you. A new analysis by investment platform Betterment reveals for the average 20-something, the 25-year cost of those Uber rides is a whopping $323,190! 

Credit Karma estimates Americans who use ride-sharing apps spend just over $4,000 a year on them, and Betterment crunched some numbers, finding if a millennial invested that money instead (90% in stocks, 10% in bonds, and earned about 8% over time) they'd end up with about $235,000. 

Nick Holeman, a financial adviser at Betterment says you don't have to give up all small pleasures to meet your financial goals, saying, "As long as you have concrete [savings] goals and you're saving enough to reach them, that's what's most important."