FLORIDA: State moving to STAY on Daylight Savings Time!

posted by American Radio Presenter Toby Knapp // @tkradio -

Florida's lawmakers are just about done with DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME. 

The State Legislature in the SUNSHINE STATE just voted to stay on DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME, which will, in itself, be a good thing for the East Coast state, placing the entire state in just one time zone, which won't ever change, regardless of the rest of the US or world around it.... 

... which means more daylight at Disney World... at the beaches in St. Pete or Miami... at Mar a Lago... Key West. You get the idea. 

It may not be okay, though. The US GOVERNMENT may have a few things to say about it... but... if a state really wants something, it's unlikely the feds will mess with it. 

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