Mulberry Corgi Festival 2022

Kirksey Park

October Corgi Festival 2022 - MULBERRY ARKANSAS

Signups for Corgi races will take place at event. Divisions split by weight and corgi/noncorgi

- All Dogs Invited (must be leashed)

-Costume parade

-Corgi Pumpkin Show (bring a pre decorated pumpkin and show it off)

-Obstacle Course Playground set up for you to do on your own.

- training demos

Training Demo starts at 11. Corgi races start at 3. After the races, let’s gather in the rodeo arena with as many cowboy costumes as we can come up with and have us a corgi cattle drive- have some fun letting our pups play as we mingle. Vendors will be open early. COME EARLY, bring a picnic!

Vendors are welcome for no charge. Please bring a door prize item, your own tables/ tent.

To our out of town guests, we hope you’ll join us the next day, Oct 23, for Lee Creek Corgi Hike:

This event will be held outside as long as weather permits.

bring your lawn chairs and water bowl for your pet. We will NOT have communal water bowls set out, however there are water faucets available.