Justin Bieber's Very Supportive Of Selena Gomez Following Treatment Program

Sounds like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are making progressive strides to make this romantic reunion stick for the long haul, especially after the former stood by the pop star's side after it was revealed she sought a two-week treatment program for her mental health.

As per a new report from PEOPLE, Bieber and Gomez "are doing great" after the pop star reportedly sought treatment in New York City for depression and anxiety. "Their relationship is very special. They have both changed, their lives are so different and it really seems things could work out great this time," the source revealed. "Justin realized that he needed to change, reached out for help and is doing very well."

What might be different this time around for the pop pair is their need to seek assistance and guidance. "The second she doesn't feel well, she seeks help," the source explained. "They have both hugely matured. Justin is very supportive of Selena feeling her best."

Since their time in New York City, the pair has returned back to Los Angeles and "are happy to be back together." Click here to read more from PEOPLE's new report on the couple.


Photo: Getty Images


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