O.J. Simpson Describes How He Smashed Nicole's Car Windshield


A recently unshelved interview with former football star O.J. Simpson reportedly contains a segment in which he describes an incident where he smashed up Nicole Brown Simpson's car with a baseball bat. 

TMZ says Simpson's interview with Judith Regan which is set to air on Fox on Sunday night, contains a segment in which he calmly describes how he attempted to intimidate his wife at the time. 

Simpson describes a 1985 incident during which the former star took a bat to Nicole's windshield, smashing it to pieces after an argument about their upcoming marriage. 

"She had come home and we were talking about it, and we went out front like we often did ... And I was sitting on the front of this, well it was actually my car, but I had bought it for her. And I had a bat between my legs, as we were talking ... and as we're talking, it's (the bat) bouncing off the tire, and at one point it hits the rim. And she says 'If you damage that, you're gonna have to pay for it.' And I go, 'Well, if I pay for that, I guess I have to pay for this too." 

That's when Simpson says he got up and smashed the front windshield of Nicole's car. 

Police were called at the time, while Nicole cried hysterically. When police asked if she was OK, O.J. jumped in, "She's my wife. She's OK... I broke the windshield. It's mine. There's no trouble here."

Simpson doesn't seem to express any regret for how he acted telling Regan, "Well, it's my car, I pay for everything around here, right?" 

One interesting point of trivia about the incident - a young Mark Fuhrman was one of the officers who responded to the incident.

Fox announced they would air the controversial one-on-one special ten years after it was recorded by Judith Regan, a book publisher who published O.J.'s self-styled confession "If I Did It." The book by Simpson, hypothesizes about how he might have killed Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman in 1994 whose murders he was acquitted for in a widely-watched trial. 

Soledad O'Brien is scheduled to host the special "The Lost Confession?" which will air with limited commercial interruption on Sunday on Fox at 8 p.m.

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