Young Boy Invites His Kindergarten Class To Celebrate His Adoption

A kindergarten class got to go on a field trip to the courthouse in Kent County, Michigan, to celebrate the adoption of one of their classmates. For the past 23 years, officials have hosted an Adoption Day to recognize all the families welcoming new children into their lives. This year, 36 children were officially adopted by their new families.

Every family is allowed a thirty-minute hearing with their family and friends to celebrate the adoption becoming official. Santa Claus made an appearance as well, stopping by to greet the kids and their new parents.

This year, one of the young boys, Michael, decided he wanted to bring all of his friends, so he invited his entire kindergarten class to attend. Photos of the touching moment were shared on Twitter by WZZM news anchor James Starks.

Probably the cutest story you will ever see. A kid who’s being adopted invited his ENTIRE kindergarten class to attend his adoption.