Store Owner Caught on Video Attacking News Crew Charged With Battery

A California shop owner who was facing a sexual harassment investigation has been arrested on charges of battery and vandalism after he was caught on camera getting into an altercation with some news reporters outside his store, police said.

Peter Carzis, 76, of La Mesa, was arrested after he was caught on video "battering multiple reporters" during a "well-publicized altercation with members of the media" while they were attempting to interview him outside his store, Peter's Men's Apparel. The reporters had staked out Carzis' store after several videos were published on social media appeared to show him harassing women at his store.

However, when KUSI's Dan Plante and KUSI photojournalist Mike Saucedo as well as other members of the local media attempted to interview Carzis about the allegations, the shop owner became agitated, and push one female reporter outside the store, which prompted several other journalists present to come to her aid.

In one of the videos shot of the incident, Carzis appears to strike and threaten at least two cameramen as well as shout several profanities at the reporters and photojournalists.

"You're a bada**? Show me how bad you are, motherf******," Carzis told a cameraman.

According to a release from the La Mesa Police Department, Carzis is accused of "battering multiple reporters and causing irreparable damage to a video camera reported to be worth approximately $7,000.00."

Police canvased the neighborhood after the altercation and was located early Tuesday morning. He is scheduled to be book into the San Diego County Jail after he's medically cleared.

Carzis is also facing a second battery charge and a charge of committing a lewd act in connection with video that was shared by La Mesa residents on social media. In one video, Carzis appears to have his hands up one woman's shirt, while another from June 2019, appears to show Carzis yelling profanities at a woman.

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