Snoop Dogg And Martha Stewart: Best Friends Forever


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It’s a question Martha Stewart says she gets all the time, “are you and Snoop Dogg really friends?”

“I’d say we’re best friends,” the rapper told Stewart on the first episode of her podcast. “It’s a big difference.”

“We have talked before how we met on my show,” Stewart said. “You were one of the first rappers I had on my show, and you were so much fun.”

The pair have an undeniable chemistry on camera, whether it's hosting a cooking show or starring in a commercial, that makes them stand out. The secret behind their friendship is that Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart feel like they can be their true selves around each other.

“When we shoot our commercials, it always feels organic to who we are, because we have never allowed (anyone) to take us out of who we are supposed to be,” said Snoop Dogg.

“Those were the best,” Stewart replied. “If you listeners haven’t seen Martha and Snoop in the Ghost commercial, you should really take a gander.”

Off screen, the two share a genuine interest in each other’s lives and various projects. Stewart watches all of Snoop Dogg’s television appearances from breaking down the 2022 Winter Olympic Games with Kevin Hart to being a mega mentor on The Voice. At the same time, Snoop Dogg sends Stewart fur lined ponchos, collects her branded BIC lighters, and brought his mom to meet Stewart on the set of their show Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party.

The two have also released their own individual branded bottles of wine through 19 Crimes, an Australian brand that expanded into California through Snoop Dogg himself in 2020. According to Stewart, the bottles will be available in a two pack soon, and wine enthusiasts can enjoy a piece of Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s friendship at home.

Check out the “The GOAT with Snoop Dogg,” the very first episode of The Martha Stewart Podcast, available on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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