Sunday A.M. update on flooding conditions for the River Valley

From the City of Fort Smith - City Hall facebook page:

*SUNDAY A.M. FLOODING UPDATE* -- There are wild rumors and misinformation circulating. Here are the facts at point in time:

*NEWLY REVISED* — NOAA now advises the Arkansas River here in the Fort Smith/Van Buren area is expected to crest at 42.5’ early Tue. (that’s up from 41’).

> The Arkansas River is approaching record flood levels. Currently, it's at 37.76’ (as of 11am local time this Sunday morning). The record, as indicated in thr NOAA River Gauge at Van Buren (at this web link) is 38.1' from May 5, 1990. We are already more than 6 3/4’ above "major" flood stage.

State and Sebastian County Emergency Management advises the waters are expected to remain at crest for about 72 hours, then begin to recede. Major flood impact (multiple road closures, flooded structures near the riverside and tributaries, etc.) is expected to last at least 15 days.

Monitor alerts on the FSPD mobile app and FB page (@FSPolice) and right here.…



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