Updated Flood Potential Maps of Fort Smith - 5.26.19

FROM CITY OF FORT SMITH FACEBOOK: *10:01pm -- We think Sunnymede Creek now is correctly labeled, and Massard Creek too. Thank you for letting us know about the error! Accuracy is important, and we appreciate you being part of the team!


About 11:00 a.m. this morning, NOAA revised the forecast local Arkansas River crest level, raising it to 42.5'. Crest is expected early Tue. These four City of Fort Smith-specific maps have been updated since Fri.'s post when the crest was expected to only reach 41'.

Wewill repost the link to the GIS (Geographical Info Systems) tool onfortsmithar.gov(City website) so residents may look up their address to determine whether updated info might affect them, their home or business.

#CityWorkingForYou@FortSmithFire @FSPolice @SEBCODEMandDPS



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