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Weeding Habits That Make Gardening Easier

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I'm not a fan of gardening, or lawn mowing, or really being outdoors. It's funny when you think of it though, because I come from a long line of professional and master gardeners going back generations! BUT one thing I do like is pulling weeds. Here are some ways to make weeding easier and, dare I say it, even more satisfying?

Know the enemy. Be able to identify the weeds so you know how to get rid of them.

Disturb the soil as little as possible. Weed seeds like to lie dormant until they get some light and water.

Use the right herbicides with caution. Follow the directions. Never spray on a windy day. Wear protective clothing when applying.

Different weeds and situations call for different tools. 

Don’t forget your gloves.

Know where to use landscape fabric. It can be effective for controlling weeds in pathways, under play sets, or other spaces where you aren't growing plants. But if used in annual flowerbeds or vegetable gardens, you'll likely need to replace it each year and it will get in the way of adding compost or other soil enhancements fast-growing annual plants often need.

Pull them as soon as you see them. In procrastinating, you’ll just make more work for yourself.


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