#AmericanIdol: Contestants going BUCK WILD in the IDOL HOTEL!


Oh... the stories! 

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After what, seven years of broadcasting live at American Idol... I can tell you that stories of contestants hooking up while the show did what the show does... aren't surprising. I mean, you get passionate people together in a shared space, cut off from romantic involvements... and, well, emotion and nature are going to take over, right? 

Such is life... for the contestants... for those covering the show... and for those working with the show... love, life, relationships... hookups in the hotel lobby or in someone's room... I mean, they happen... and that's life, right? 

The 'get down' must be quite incredible this season for some reason, because TMZ is all over reports of some insane hookup action happening with those contestants vying for stardom on the show which has moved to a new network and has yet to launch! 

Now, we're not saying it's a freak show... but some contestants are getting their freak on... 

Read more at the link. What do you think of this? 

Toby Knapp

Toby Knapp

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