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If you love Elf on the Shelf and wish his magic didn’t end with Christmas, then you’re going to love the Peep on a Perch. It’s like the Elf, but for Easter, so it’s supposed to inspire good behavior in children as the holiday approaches.

The little plush yellow Peep sits on a shelf to watch over the kiddos and it comes with a book that explains how Peep helps the Easter Bunny decorate eggs and fill baskets every year. The idea is that kids will be more aware of using good manners, being helpful around the house, and being kind and the more kindness the Peep sees, the happier it gets. And an upside for parents? Unlike that Elf on the Shelf, this cute little bird that looks just like the marshmallow Peeps is meant to be played with and held, so you don’t have to worry about little hands wanting to touch it.

Source: Delish

Solo travel… Vacationing alone is growing in popularity. A new survey found that 25 percent of Americans prefer to travel alone. And 22 percent say they only travel alone.

Maybe this is why… 45 percent of respondents said that traveling with somebody holds them back, 50 percent said they’d be more willing to talk to locals while traveling alone, 46 percent said they’d be more spontaneous if they were vacationing alone, and 57 percent said they are much more likely to go out of their comfort zone when traveling alone. Then there are the 10 percent who said they have found romance whole traveling by themselves.

But there are some drawbacks to solo travel... 52 percent of respondents said going by yourself is a lot less safe. 49 percent said they were worried they’d get lonely if they were vacationing alone. (SWNS)

How much more would you need to make at your current job to feel comfortable? A new report from job site Indeed revealed that just 18 percent of workers say they are living comfortably at their current salary. And 61 percent said they would need an average of $6,000 more in salary in order to feel comfortable. The research revealed that while 75 percent of employees received a raise in the last two years, 85 percent of those who got a raise got one of 6 percent or less. 44 percent received a raise of 3 percent or less. And a newreport from Payscale showed that companies had budgeted out just 3 percent for raises in 2019. (The Ladders)

Yo-yo is a no-no… According to a new study, yo-yo dieting increases the risk of heart trouble in women. Researchers found that women who have lost 10 or more pounds -- and then regained it at any point in their life -- were more likely to face heart risks than those whose weight remained stable. (WSB-TV)

50 is the new 40… for giving birth. New research has revealed that giving birth at 50 is just as safe as giving birth in your 40s. “It turns out that 50 is the new 40 when it comes to childbirth,” said lead author Dr. Eyal Sheiner, director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Soroka University Medical Center. “There is no doubt that medical teams will need to handle increasing numbers of birth for women over age 50.” (Daily Mail)

Love McDonald’s? Now your house can smell like it all the time. Australian company Grey Linesis selling candles that smell like McDonald’s cheeseburgers.Hmmm. (Mirror)


A company in California -- called JetPack Aviation -- has developed the world’s first flying motorcycle.

The cycle is powered by four turbojet engines that run on either diesel or kerosene. It can reach speeds of 150 miles per hour and launch up to 15,000 feet into the air.

Unfortunately, this thing isn’t cheap. Only 20 of the cycles will be offered to the public -- with a price tag of $380,000. (BroBible)


According to a new survey, money -- supposedly -- isn’t that big of a deal to women looking for love.

In the survey, a whopping 70 percent of women claim that they’re open to a relationship with a man who has a lower salary than they do. (AskMen)


According to a new study, smoking weed protects drinkers from liver damage.

Researchers studied 300,000 patients who showed patterns of alcohol abuse. Those who didn’t smoke weed had a 90 percent chance of developing liver disease. But, amazingly, that number dropped to just eight percent with those who did smoke. (Mandatory)


Social media rallied over the weekend to put a big smile on the face of a doughnut shop owner in Texas.

A man named Billy By tweeted a photo of his father looking sad inside his empty doughnut shop and captioned it, "My dad is sad 'cause no one is coming to his new doughnut shop."

That was all he needed to say, because the post quickly went viral and before anyone knew it, the shop was flooded with customers and the line went out the door.

Just 48 hours after the tweet, Billy posted an update saying, "You are all amazing. I can't thank everyone enough for coming out and supporting local businesses. This means so much to my family.”

He added, "We appreciate all the love and support. My dad isn't sad anymore!” (Newsweek)


A charity group in Longview, Washington, impacted the lives of thousands of people in their community by assembling and delivering 3,200 brown bag lunches to those in need.

Firefighters, high school and middle school students, and church members got together to pack sandwiches of all sorts, including peanut butter-and-jelly, turkey, ham and egg salad.

They also added different snacks, including apples -- before fanning out across the county to deliver the lunches to veterans, community centers, mobile homes and homeless shelters.

It was a massive effort that helped many in need with food, but was also an example of care and support that warmed hearts everywhere on this amazing day. (The Daily News)


Don't you hate it when you're on a flight and you realize that your forgot to pack something -- like a toothbrush, a razor, or your child?

A woman on board a Saudi airline realized shortly after taking off from Saudi Arabia that she'd left her baby at the gate. The flight was en route to Malaysia but had to turn back to the airport because the panicked mother refused to continue on the trip without her child.

The situation caused a lot of confusion for the pilot and air traffic control, who weren't sure of the protocol to follow. Eventually, air traffic control cleared a runway and gave the pilot permission to land. The mother was soon able to reunite with her child. (Newsweek

DRUNK-O-REXIA is a THING we should be aware of now!

In the age of body positivity, the hope is that we’ll start a conversation about being comfortable in our own skin. It’s important that people look in the mirror and love themselves instead of falling into a pattern of eating disorders and unhealthy weight loss habits. But with all of our skinny friends’ Instagram selfies on our feeds all the time, it’s not always easy to jump on board with the whole body positivity thing.

The worst part of all of this? When you get to college age and your 20s, you start to combine eating disorders with binge drinking. It’s called “drunkorexia,” and it’s even more dangerous than the eating disorder alone (if you can imagine that). While most people fill up on carbs before a night of drinking, those suffering from an eating disorder don’t have the padding in their stomach to absorb the alcohol.

The vomiting that will surely ensue doesn’t even touch the vitamin and nutrient deficiencies these people will have. Considering the pressure to be thin AND the pressure to be the life of the party, researchers are working to get drunkorexia added to the DSM so that people who suffer can get the treatment they need.

Source: Washington Post

Thinking about some TV? Well here's what you may want to consider watching OR setting that DVR for...


  • Jimmy Fallon has Keira Knightley(The Aftermath), comedianJon Glaser, music by The Chainsmokers f/ 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Stephen Colber thas John Turturro(Gloria Bell),Andrew Rannells(Black Monday), music by Robyn
  • Jimmy Kimmel has Colton Underwood(The Bachelor), music by Walk the Moon
  • James Corden has Gordon Ramsay(MasterChef), actress Piper Perabo, music by Elle King
  • Seth Meyers has Paul Giamatti (Billions),Jessica Walter(At Home With Amy Sedaris), Allison Miller (A Million Little Things)
  • Conan has Timothy Olyphant (Missing Link)
  • Ellen DeGeneres has Colin Farrell(Dumbo),Sophia Lillis (Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase)
  • Live With Kelly and Ryan has Christine Baranski(Big Bang Theory),Maggie Siff (Billions)
  • Watch What Happens: Live has Kyle Richards (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), interior designer Thom Filicia
  • The View has Idris Elba (Turn Up Charlie), Five Feet Apart stars Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson
  • The Talk has Mary McCormack (The Kids Are Alright)


  • The Bachelor (season finale) Colton discusses the final days of his journey with Chris Harrison. (ABC) 
  • Videos After Dark Host Bob Saget presents home videos with an edgy twist. (ABC)
  • NCIS Jimmy is torn between family and work after his father-in-law asks him to tamper with evidence in a murder investigation. (CBS)
  • FBI The daughter of a wealthy family is kidnapped in an attempt to gain Internet fame. (CBS)
  • NCIS: New Orleans An elusive terrorist with a personal vendetta against Hannah resurfaces. (CBS)
  • Ellen's Game of Games Contestants play for a chance to win $100,000. (NBC)
  • This Is Us - Tensions run high as the Pearsons await news about Kate's pregnancy. (NBC)
  • New Amsterdam - When a history-making blizzard hits New York, Max and his staff work to keep the patients safe. (NBC)
  • MasterChef - (season premiere) The top 24 junior home cooks must prove they can master any challenge. (FOX)
  • The Flash - With the meta-human cure ready to use, Barry and Team Flash must figure out a way to subdue Cicada long enough to take it. (CW)
  • Roswell, New Mexico - With Isobel’s life hanging in the balance, Liz and Michael frantically search for a way to help her. (CW)

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