#TobyTalk | Take a walk...

Hey... take a walk!

That's right. Get up. Put one foot in front of the other. Take a walk.

This whole "stay at home" thing is great because we're spending time doing things we wouldn't do... you know, hanging with family, cooking, catching up on Netflix shows or whatnot, but the truth is, as I'm sure you're finding, working at home can be a drag. You're looking at the same thing... for hours on end... daily.

Let me tell you, while I love having my own iHeart studio at the house, lately, it's become monotonous. Yesterday, I found that I wanted to spend more SLEEPING than I did sitting at a microphone... and that was about the first time that had happened...

.... so I got up, put on my shoes, grabbed Clover, our puppy's leash... and I took a walk.

The evening air was healing. The stretching which comes when you do any form of cardio... felt good. Instantly my mood lightened and I found the energy I needed to get back to work and to finish what I had to do by the evening "deadline..."

I didn't realize it at the time, but taking that walk changed my perspective on things. Seeing others out doing the same thing gave me this sense of community. Suddenly, I felt less alone... and, frankly, I felt more alive than I had during the midday or the early afternoon when I let the drag of Microsoft Team calls, a conference call, some other call and more... drag me down.

So today, get up. Put one foot in front of the other. Take a walk. It might just change your perspective. Your heart. Your mood. Your moment...

... you know, all of those things which go into that "life" thing.

Thanks for reading...



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