#EarthDay: TikTokers’ Eco-Friendly Tips For Waste-Free Living!

It’s Earth Day, which may have you thinking about how to be more environmentally friendly. Want to go greener? There’s more to sustainable living than just buying reusable straws and bags. Those things help, but to be more eco-friendly, check out these creative eco hacks for living waste-free from TikTok.

Turn your jars into spice shakers - If you have a stash of empty mason jars at home, save the top from a cheese shaker and use it to repurpose jars into spice shakers.

Ditch the plastic wrap for reusable silicone lids - Swap your aluminum foil and plastic wrap for reusable silicone lids that fit over lots of containers and can be tossed in the dishwasher.

Use banana peels as fertilizer - If you’re a plant person, turn a banana peel into fertilizer by putting the peel in a jar with water overnight. In the morning, the “dirty” water can be used to feed your plants extra nutrients.

Shred your paper bags to use in gifts - Instead of buying tissue paper to use in a present, repurpose paper shopping bags by running them through the paper shredder and using them as filler in gifts.

Cut your soda cans to make planters - Wash your empty cans and cut them to make unique planters for your home. This TikToker shows you how to use a can opener to cut off the top, poke holes in the bottom, then fill a can with dirt and a plant, just like you would with a regular pot.

DIY a cleaner out of orange peels and vinegar - Cleaning products often come in plastic bottles and are made with harsh chemicals, but you can make your own out of natural ingredients. This videoexplains how to use orange peels and vinegar to do it, then pour it in a reusable spray bottle. It’ll not only save you a little money, but it’ll also save the planet from one more plastic bottle.

My personal fave? The SODA/BEER can hack... those are some unique planters... the only problem is... plants don't last so long around me!

HT: Elite Daily