#VIRAL: Hubby’s Reaction To Men Wife Would Replace Him With Goes Viral!

A family with a tradition of pranking each other is at it once again, this time with the wife taking gentle aim at her husband. Karen Mele made a Powerpoint presentation that reveals the men she would replace her husband with and showed it to her other half, Frank. Their son, Joe, filmed his dad’s reaction and posted it to TikTok and Frank’s reaction has everyone watching. The video has since gone viral with more than 18-million views and counting.

In the clip, Karen starts by reading the title, “Men that I would replace my husband with,” to her husband and Frank’s immediate response? ‘Yeah, I know how this goes Karen, it’s going to say no one.” But he’s immediately proved wrong when the first slide appears with a topless photo of Chris Hemsworth. That’s followed by other celebrities, including Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Jason Momoa and more.

As she names the dudes, Frank asks, “What are you on a first-name basis with these guys? Who’s next?” And in the next slide, she has a photo of Frank himself. But that moment of glory is short lived because the next slide is actor Michael B. Jordan, to which Frank replies, “Great! How do I compete with that?” Even the couple’s son admits defeat for his dad, adding, “I’m sorry Pops … You can’t compete with Michael B. Jordan.”

HT: Newsweek