#WEIGHT: Did the PANDEMIC ruin our #Metabolism forever??! Check this out...

It’s not just the world that has come to a screeching halt during COVID-19, many people feel their own bodies are slowing down too.

A new study finds nearly one in five people believe their metabolism has slowed during the pandemic. More than half believe the crisis has altered their metabolism for good. YIKES!

That’s according to a recent survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of V Shred Fitness, the survey also suggests that this problem has a connection to how much the pandemic has disrupted their usual level of activity.

Over one in four (28%) believe their weight has increased during the pandemic including those with access to scales (29%). Those respondents report gaining an average of 10 pounds overall during the last year. When asked about post-pandemic life, 43 percent of respondents said they’re afraid that they’ll never feel like themselves again.

HT: Study Finds