#THEFT: How to prevent the PORCH PIRATES from stealing your stuff!

I am probably really skittish right about now...but the truth is that I am all wired up and tuned-in with the fact that some people mean to do you harm... they'll steal your identity, they'll jack your credit card information... they'll pay for your passwords and data...

... generally... they're A-HOLES.

Anyway... that's why I'm all about anything which keeps you and your stuff safe. This list... is an example of this. Here are ways to prevent the PORCH PIRATES from stealing your stuff...

Be There

Be there when your package arrives. UPS recommends customers have packages “sent to where they are – not where they are not.” 74 percent of packages are swiped during the day while homeowners are at work.

Require a Signature

When your shopping cart is full, your payment information is entered, and it’s time to choose your shipping details, take a moment to check off “signature required.”

Get A Dog

A barking dog is man’s best friend and a security sentry. Scare away a potential porch pirate with an animal that will love you back.

Buddy Up With A Neighbor

Buddy up with a neighbor. If they are home during the day, have packages sent there.

Monitor Your Front Porch

Security cameras or video doorbells can be used to keep an eye on your packages, deterring thieves from grabbing them off of your property.

Package Intercept

Change the package’s address, even when in transit. Customers who know they won’t be home when their package is delivered can try USPS Package Intercept, a process that lets you redirect a domestic shipment that hasn’t been delivered, or released for delivery, for a fee.

Pay for a Package Receiving Service

If you’re hardly ever around to receive packages, consider signing up for a paid service that will receive and protect your packages until you can pick them up.

Install Motion Detector Lights

Porch pirates don’t take well to the spotlight, so deter them with motion-sensor lights.

Get a Porch Pirate Bag

Outsmart package thieves with this 30-inch x 40-inch PVC reinforced nylon bag that locks to your front door or gate. Instruct delivery people to drop your package inside, then lock it using the attached combination lock. Even though the Porch Pirate bag could conceivably be cut open by a determined thief, it more than likely would be an effective deterrent—and at $35, it’s a relatively affordable experiment.

Get Amazon Key

If you’re an Amazon Prime member in an eligible location, you can sign up for Amazon Key and have your packages delivered inside your home or vehicle—and despite the name, no key is required.

Start Shopping At A Store

Porch pirates can’t steal your stuff if stop leaving stuff on your porch. Buy your stuff at a brick and mortar store. You’ll keep more people employed in your area and keep your mall from turning into a ghost mall.

Bottom line: I don't want you to end up a victim... so take some steps and keep your stuff safe... and don't let these crooks win.


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