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WARNING on LINKED-IN: Don't count out GEN X...

It seems there's a battle of the generations happening as the world goes back to work and such... and she's posted her feels about it to LINKED IN!

When people are talking about generations, they typically mention baby boomers, millennials and Gen Z, but often leave out Gen X. Those are folks born between 1965 and 1980 and they kind of get overlooked in generational conflicts. So after sales enablement specialist and career coach Sarah Adams read yet another article about conflicts between boomers and millennials, she took to LinkedIn with a post that’s gone viral for reminding everyone why Gen X shouldn’t be counted out.

The 44-year-old writes, “Gen X employees are often overlooked, under-appreciated and underestimated.” While noting that millennials and boomers “seem to get all the admiration, love, hate and glory,” Adams points out that Gen Xers have lived through a lot, including:

● “cars without child restraints or seatbelts”

● “lead paint”

● “riding bikes without helmets”

● “minimal adult supervision

● “the fall of the Berlin Wall”

● “getting duped into accepting a debt heavy lifestyle”

● “after school specials that convinced us all we would be kidnapped or spontaneously knocked up — any day”

“We’ve been through some stuff,” Adams writes. “But never underestimate the generation who survived the life and death of MTV. We are the secret warriors and overachievers.” She tells Buzzfeed that Gen X hears complaints from boomers about millennials and from millennials about boomers, all while sitting back and wondering “did everyone forget about us?” She says her post was meant to be a gentle reminder that while “We’re often ignored, no one should rule out Gen X - the generation raised to be resourceful, rebellious and fiercely independent.”

HT: Buzzfeed

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