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About the hell that is your life when you can't get the #MexicanPizza...

This is a story about the hell that is the life of American Radio Presenter Toby Knapp, from iHeartRadio, when you can't get a #MexicanPizza through the @TacoBell app a day early because terms and conditions apply... - @tkradio


Because yesterday, a day before this MEXICAN PIZZA DAY, Taco Bell made the pizza available to users of the app. You had to pick it up or dine in* (terms and conditions apply).

Well, the terms and conditions said "some restaurants may not have the Mexican Pizza or the ability to accept online ordering via the app at some locations..." and the location near me... didn't have that ability.

Retrograde strikes again. And as such, I was perplexed. Not vexxed, but perplexed.

Although, when I hopped on the scale this morning, I didn't feel as perplexed. But I reserve the right to hit the place up on the way home to get one... you know... if that being perplexed hits me again!

Anyway... happy MEXICAN PIZZA DAY, ya'll!

Love, Toby

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