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December... sucked. But I tried to make the most of it...

The day before my birthday, I tested positive for COVID.

The next day, I was supposed to work. The day after - I was supposed to fly to LA for our sister station, Ellen K's home station (and Stacy Stec's) home station called KOST-FM in LA where they have a big Christmas party for winners at Disneyland. My Significant Other was to come with me...

And then, there were two lines on that 'dern test.

Grounded. Locked up in COVID JAIL. Working from the couch where I could and when I could... while my voice faded.

Then, I was down.

That was the first two weeks of December. Then, after testing negative... but still not 100 percent better... I had regularly scheduled leave hit... and while it wasn't a holiday... December wasn't done with me yet.

My SO tested positive... after she had worked so hard to make Christmas so special. She went down.... and the rest you can read about in the post above on Instagram.

We go through what we go through in life... because life ain't predictable. It doesn't care about your plan. It's out of your control. You can't anticipate it. You can't fake it. You can't lie about it and you certainly can't telegraph it.

Life... is extemporaneous. It's about improvisation.

Can you go improv? Can you pivot when life goes to hell in a hand basket?

December 2022 taught me to get back to that. Some don't get it. Others... call it going "mach 10.2 with your hair on fire..."

I don't have hair. But I was reminded of a few things and I'm looking forward to sharing them with you on the podcast, on the shows, on video and here...

1) You have ZERO control. So deal with it.

2) God... is good.

3) Learn to hit curve balls.

4) You can't plan on anything because trying to plan against a bona-fide radical element - in this case - life - won't work.

5) Keep it moving.

God is good. I'm trying some new things. One of which is not having any resolutions in 2023. Why? Because every day is a new resolution... a new chance to play by what life throws at you. Because those who swing, connect, play with the unpredictable... they're the ones who win this game.

A few things did go right in December. iHeart and I extended our relationship for the foreseeable future. I'm pleased. I think they're pleased. And I'm looking forward to sharing even more with you... where ever you may be across our iHeartNation reading. Listening. Streaming. Living.

Let's embrace what life - and at times - unplanned chaos - throws our way. It's what makes us.... us. And it's what makes life fun.

Love you. Thank you. Thinking of you.


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