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👨‍✈️🛫 Air Travel Etiquette: Flight Attendants Speak OUT 🎩✨ #FlyRight

Hey there, globe-trotters! Toby "Traveling" Knapp here, just back from the sky-high traffic of Memorial Day weekend. ✈️ I gotta tell you - flying these days is like a wild west of passenger behaviors. 🤠

The New York Times recently asked a flight attendant for some golden rules of airline etiquette. Pay attention, folks! ✍️

First, let's talk reclining. We all love a good lean-back, right? But imagine you're in the Matrix - slow-motion is the way to go. No Neo-style seat slam, please! We're talking about potential laptop casualties, airborne beverages, and mid-flight fisticuffs. 👊💥 Ask before you lean, my friends.

Now, we all adore kids, but let's remember: flight attendants are not Mary Poppins. They can't pull vacuum cleaners out of their handbags. So if little Johnny scatters crumbs like confetti, lend a hand. The cabin crew will love you for it. 💕👶

Overhead bins. They're not your personal game of Tetris. 🧳 First come, first served. Don't yank someone else's bag to squash yours in. And let's leave the complex geometry to the flight attendants, they're pros.

Here's a hot tip: no one - and I mean no one - wants to be a part of your FaceTime conversations. 📱 Save your goodbyes for the airport. Once on board, it's time for seat-finding and bag-stowing - pronto!

And while we're on the topic, your favorite movie, video game, or TikTok dance is best enjoyed solo. Bring headphones - yes, even for the kiddos. 🎧

Next up: the armrest debate. The middle seat gets both. Think of it as a consolation prize for being sandwiched. End of story. 👏

Footwear - the golden rule is: socks stay ON. In-flight aroma should be limited to in-flight meals, not feet. And for goodness sake, your feet shouldn't meet your neighbor's armrest. 👣

Switching seats? You're not obligated, even if you're hit with a sob story. You paid for that spot. Though if a window seat is up for grabs, I'd say pounce! 😸

Finally - bathroom etiquette. It's simple: flush, rinse, repeat. It's not a treasure hunt, folks. The button is there. Promise. 🚽

Let's all take these tips onboard. Remember, a smooth flight is a group project. Let's keep it civil at 35,000 feet. 🙏

Safe travels, everyone! And don't forget to share these golden rules of flight with your fellow flyers. #HappyTravels #AirEtiquette 🌐✈️💺🥂🌍

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