Over the weekend, the Twitter account @Amazing_Maps shared a photo of Google autocompletes for every state.  They gave us the first response you get when you Google "Why is [state] so..."

Google's responses made everybody sad about their state and/or laugh at other states.

Then, the sports website Outkick The Coverage applied a similar test to sports media figures.  Google doesn't seem to like any of them.

So, we decided to apply the same idea to musicians.  We considered just using bands.  But, because of song lyrics, that can get confusing.  For example, when you Google "Foo Fighters is," the first response is "someone getting the best of you lyrics."

It turns out that just about every musician is either overrated, a douche, or both.  At least that's the way Google sees it.

We tried it with a variety of rock musicians.  We threw in Jennifer Lawrence, because she's just so universally admired...or so we thought.  Also, quick word to the wise.  Don't Google "Adolf Hitler is" if you want to have any faith in humanity.

Think of your favorite musician (or celebrity) and Google "[favorite musican] is" and share your results.