Photo: Getty Images

By Kathleen Perricone

This fall, Apple will be unveiling its latest life-changing gadget: the iWatch.

And who better to give us details about what we can expect than iJustine. The YouTube sensation (real name: Justine Ezarik) called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday morning to spill all the digital beans.

Will the iWatch be as big as the iPhone? “If it’s on track with things that Apple have done in the past, I think it will be. I mean, they revolutionized the music industry, they changed the way we communicate with our phones … if it’s on par with what Apple has done in the past, I fully expect it to be.”

“I thin it will work with your phone, especially with the new iOS update. There’s a new health app. I love all the fitness wearable tech. So what’s really cool … these are all rumors I’ve read … they will have so many different health monitors and you will have all these things directly in your phone and on your wrist and be able to communicate instantly.”

There have been rumors that there will also eventually be a “smart” plate, which will detect the calories and nutrients of your food. “They have cups that will do the same thing for different kind of drinks, you can track your calorie intake,” adds iJustine. “I’m ready for all of it. I love it, I love being able to track these things. It’s such a shareable thing too. You can compete with your friends.”

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