Attend an online dance party.

For bold Aries, the Best way to celebrate is to throw yourself into a new and exciting physical activity. Get your booty in a dance class and turn on the beyonce renaissance album because it is the perfect way to celebrate Pride.


Decorate your home with rainbow art.

Taurus has a deep appreciation for aesthetics, and their nesting nature means their surroundings often both influence and reflect their inner life. This is why taking the time to introduce more queer art into their home (or making some themselves) will be especially effective in helping you get into the Pride spirit and carry it through the rest of the year.


Host an LGBTQ+ trivia night online.

Gemini craves social interaction, so they love the connections they have with other people during Pride month. They also enjoy a little healthy competition between friends, so don't be surprised if Gemini suggests hosting a trivia night to bring people together and have a little LGBTQ-themed fun.


Make all the rainbow color treats.

Cancers tend to be a bit more of a homebody. They enjoy simple pleasures around the house, like baking, so the arrival of Pride Month is the perfect chance to try out all those rainbow-themed recipes they've been adding to their Pinterest board throughout the year.


Bless Instagram with all your new Pride-themed looks.

For a proud Leo, one of the best things about Pride is getting to dress up in their most extra rainbow gea.. Leo can spend the whole month experimenting with new looks to show off to all their followers


Watch an LGBTQ-themed documentary marathon.

Virgo’s can be the life of the party… but realistically they would rather stay at home in bed. This is their chance to lean into learning about the LGBTQ+ community and its history by watching as many LGBTQ-focused documentaries as possible.


Get into drag shows.

Libras love to turn heads at the party, so of course they are inevitably going to love drag. If you have an open weekend this month… definitely hit up a drag show and don’t forget to come dressed up and ready to slay. 


Host a queer book club.

For the liberated Scorpio, this year's Pride is going to be about exploring their favorite zone: their mind. One great way to do that is to host a book club with friends (and potential future lovers). The theme: All things queer


Seek out funny queer art.

For the freedom-loving but optimistic Sagittarius… they like to handle all of their problems with a little bit of laughter. Discovering queer artists and writers that have all of the humor is how they'll embrace pride season.


Commit to political action.

Capricorn is highly driven and goal-oriented. That's why Capricorn is likely to become even more politically active than ever this year, fighting to improve the lives of their fellow LGBTQ+ allies.


Start a queer zine.

If Aquarius hasn't already started their own zine, then this is the month it's finally going to happen. Get ready for some insight into the unique and queer (in every sense of the word) mind of Aquarius in cut-and-paste form.


Watch a romantic LGBTQ+ TV marathon.

For a true romantic like Pisces, Pride month is a great time to indulge in their favorite movie genre, queer romance. It's time to revisit all the old classics — and then find some new ones to love.

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