Running out of gas is UNACCEPTABLE

Noah is ENRAGED at someone ON THIS SHOW

SOMEONE IS ABOUT TO FEEL HIS WRATH? Today On The Show, Rich tells us about yesterday's FOOD TASTING for the wedding (ooooooWoooooWooo) and Grant and Noah have theories as to why Johnjay cannot smell things! Also, we get an update on the newest #LOVEPUP dog from last week! Plus, SECOND DATE UPDATE, SMARTEST IN THE ROOM, and SO MUCH MORE!

There has never been a Payton's Categories quite like this one!

TODAY ON THE SHOW Johnjay is absolutely unhinged in a Thanksgiving Edition BREAKING BAD NEWS! Also, Noah misunderstood the meaning of SELF LOATHING and Grant's Girlfriend had the worst car dealership experience! Plus, BREAKING BAD NEWS, a RICH WEDING UPDATE, and SO MUCH MORE!

Izzy's in a tizzy!

TODAY ON THE SHOW: A very special PRE-Christmas wish! FORGIVE ME FRIDAY! Payton isn't a HUGE fan of over-sharing! Texting red flags! PLUS, what in the f is "snow-globing"?!?


Ty is in DEEP doo-doo with his girlfriend over his family's vaca. She wasn't allowed to go and he didn't EXACTLY push hard enough. Will she accept his apology??? We'll find out!

Payton's For You Page is all out of WHACK!

LIKE... ITS NOT WORTH BLOCKING HER? RIGHT? Today On The Show, Johnjay has a list of texting red flags that got our minds spinning. Share yours with us on Instagram. DM us @johnjayandrich! Also, Noah got his Taylor Swift tickets, and we go over some of the Ticketmaster chaos! Plus, an ALL NEW War of the Roses, BEAT SHAZAM, and SO MUCH MORE!

Johnjay & Rich Present: WAR of the ROSES

Janna is concerned! Phil is being VERY SECRETIVE with his phone and he has a history of being a player. It's a gut feeling mainly and THATS ALL WE NEED TO KNOW! Time for an ALL NEW War of the ROSES with Johnjay & Rich!

Kyle just could not go with the flow THIS TIME

THE BATTLE IS ON WALMART! Today on The Show, there is a sad LOVEPUP situation that has Johnjay and Blake scrambling to find a good home for a BEAUTIFUL pup! Check out @lovepupfoundation for more info if you are interested. Also, We asked you about DISTURBING FRONT YARD CLUTTER! What do YOUR neighbors have! Plus, an ALL NEW HUMPDAY DUMPDAY, Talkbacks, Celebrity Who Said That, and SO MUCH MORE!

Johnjay & Rich Present: HUMPDAY DUMPDAY

What happens when you have the pallet of a seven year old? Some couples face food differences. For example, a MUST for dating with Noah is finding another fellow FOODIE! What we've noticed is some couples handle this by thinking its a cute quirk, while others will break the relationship off. Is that what happened here? Can this relationship be salvaged? FIND OUT in an ALL NEW HUMPDAY DUMPDAY w/ Johnjay & Rich!

Johnjay is getting WHAT? An EYEBALL MASSAGE?

Johnjay is getting alternative healing today! I wonder how that will go! TODAY ON THE SHOW, Kyle's Mom was presumed DEAD??! SAY WHAT!? Also, Taylor Swift PRESALE is today and Noah is getting prepared. Plus, an ALL NEW SECOND DATE UPDATE, a round of WEIRD WAYS YOU MET SOMEONE, Payton's Acronym Game, and SO MUCH MORE!